In order to donate, please visit Dear Croomies, This year will mark our four year of being able to provide a Crooms AoIT Alumni Scholarship to a graduate senior. Each year we count on small donations from fellow alumni in order to fund this scholarship offerings. While the first two years allowed us to build up a small reserve, last year and this year have been particular sparse when due to economic conditions. In order to offer this year's scholarship, WE NEED YOU!

Recently released numbers from the state show Crooms AoIT has a graduation rate of 97% under the National Governors Association method of counting. Seminole County Public Schools has the highest graduate rate in the Central Florida area, with Crooms placing second among the SCPS high schools; only Hagerty had a higher graduation rate (97.4%) under the counting method. The numbers are a good sign for Crooms, as it shows that Crooms has the 2nd highest graduation rate in Central Florida, and also one of the highest in the state.

Just a quick update that the site will now have a photo gallery portion. Users will be able to add their own galleries and view the galleries of other users. The main goal of the photo gallery function is to allow a widely range of content to be added to the site, especially when it comes to events like group gathers, teach-in days, reunions, and so forth. The first actual gallery will be added in the next day or two, and will feature pictures from the 2009 Teach-In Day.