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You're Invited to the Annual Meeting - And, to Run for Office!

The Management Team of Crooms AoIT Alumni Association, Inc. is pleased to invite you to the Alumni Association's Annual Meeting on Saturday, June 25th at 12:00PM. The meeting will be held in the conference room of Advanced Services of Orlando. The meeting will likely last an hour or less, give or take the amount of questions asked. If you are not able to attend in person, you can also join via conference call. 

And the 2011 Crooms AoIT Alumni Community Scholarship Recipient is...

The recipient of the 5th annual Crooms AoIT Alumni Community Scholarship is Tyler K. This year's winner does not necessarily stand out on paper unless you take the time to understand what he has helped build with Reynolds' Right Hands. But for Reynolds' Right Hands, his involvement is limited to his four year stint in Student Government, some volunteering, and the normal honorary societies. Yet, quantity is not always an indicator of quality: under his leadership, the organization has gained national attention for its advocacy concerning texting while driving following the passing of Ms.

Nikko Ritter joins Crooms AoIT Alumni Association Board of Directors

Crooms Academy of Information Technology Class of 2007 graduate Nikko Ritter has joined the Crooms AoIT Alumni Association's Board of Directors. Ritter officially joined the board on May 4, 2011 and his first board meeting will be later this month.

Coach Perkins Named SCPS 2011 School-Related Employee of the Year!

Left to Right: Superintendent Dr. Bill Vogel, School Board Chairman Dede Schaffner, School Board Member Dr. Tina Calderone, Crooms AOIT Principal Dr. Connie Collins, SCPS District Employee of the Year Nathaniel Perkins, School Board Member Karen Almond and School Board Member Sylvia Pond.

In a celebration held at Lyman High on May 3, Nathaniel Perkins was named the 2011 School-Related Employee of the Year for Seminole County Public Schools. A security guard at Crooms Academy of Information Technology in Sanford, Florida, Mr. Perkins has worked in the district for 29 years, the past 10 at Crooms AOIT. Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Bill Vogel, "opened the envelope" and made the surprise announcement of the winner's name during the program.

Dr. Connie Collins, Principal of Crooms, shared a myriad of responsibilities and skills possessed by this honoree, who has worked at Crooms since its inception in 2001. "He has...skills to coach our athletic teams and to coach individual students. [As an award-winning track and field coach, Nate Perkins has become affectionately known as 'Coach' Perkins.] He can be found working with our most at-risk students building confidence and self-reliance both on the field and off. Our top academic performers also gravitate toward Coach Perkins' nod of approval. Two years ago, when our valedictorian was being honored at a local breakfast, and was given the opportunity to invite a parent to attend with him, it was Coach Perkins who attended as a surrogate to provide support and nurturing. Coach knows everybody in the community, and their parents, and grandparents...and they know him. His involvement with students, parents, and community has all but negated any responsibilities relating to violence or disruption."

Nathaniel Perkins became the man he is today from a challenging start in life. Principal Collins shared: "He has said that he remembers his own childhood, and wants to provide opportunities that were not there for him. That's the thing about Nate, he never forgot what it meant to be a child from an impoverished background, a single parent home, a place with few opportunities. He remembers that someone reached out a hand to him and he keeps reaching his hand out to others."

Seminole County Public Schools congratulates Nathaniel Perkins on being named the 2011 School-Related Employee of the Year. The other two finalists were Debbi Pegel, a secretary at Stenstrom Elementary and Debra Skipper, a paraprofessional instructional assistant at Eastbrook Elementary. The event honored 67 employees selected by their schools/sites.


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