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The Crooms AoIT Alumni Association's Board of Directors is an advisory body that oversees the organization's operations and helps set strategic goals for the Alumni Association.

Published Alumni - Joshua Calcanis c/o 2007

Published Alumni:

Josh Calcanis graduated from Crooms AoIT in 2007, and has been on an awesome journey over the last 10 years, culminating with writing 'What This Means To You'.

The book is based on life lessons learned as early as high school, and was developed to impact the Millennial generation. Check out information about the book, and buy it on Amazon!

2016 Crooms AoIT Alumni Association Summer Meetup & Annual Meeting

2016 Summer Meetup & Annual Meeting

The Management Team of Crooms AoIT Alumni Association, Inc. invites you to the Alumni Association's Summer Meetup & Annual Meeting on Saturday, June 18th.

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Location: Liam Fitzpatricks - 951 Market Promenade Ave, Lake Mary, FL 32746.

Two Scholarships available for Crooms Seniors! Apply Today!

Crooms Seniors are invited to apply to our 2016 Technical Scholarship and our 2016 Community Scholarship!

These scholarships total over $2000, and are funded by the generosity of Crooms AoIT Alumni.

More details are available at
The scholarship applications are due April 12th, and the winner will be announced April 28th at Awards Night.

$1500 Tech Innovation Scholarship available for 2016 Graduating Seniors!

The Alumni Association is proud to release the 2016 Tech Innovation scholarship. This scholarship will recognize an individual who has used their technical acumen to create or contribute to a technological project or product.

Crooms Seniors are eligible to apply if they have applied or been accepted to a College or University, and hold at least a 2.5GPA.

More details are available at


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