Task Force for a New Site

Our planning group has put together a small task force to work on designing a new site. The project will be slow moving, but we would like our feedback. Let us know what you would like in a new site, by responding to this post.

In Danger of Not Offering a Scholarship This Year!

In order to donate, please visit http://www.croomsalumni.com/donate. Dear Croomies, This year will mark our four year of being able to provide a Crooms AoIT Alumni Scholarship to a graduate senior. Each year we count on small donations from fellow alumni in order to fund this scholarship offerings. While the first two years allowed us to build up a small reserve, last year and this year have been particular sparse when due to economic conditions. In order to offer this year's scholarship, WE NEED YOU!

Show Your Fellow Croomies Some Love!

To make a donation, check out http://www.croomsalumni.com/donate

Ah, the season of love is quickly approaching, and you know what that means, don't ya'!?!? That's right; the Crooms AOIT Alumni Community Scholarship fundraising drive is officially in full swing. And, with Valentine's Day occurring in just over two weeks, there is no better time than the present to show your high school appreciation by giving a present to our scholarship fund. Not only will you be supporting your fellow Croomies by allowing us to continue to offer one Crooms senior a scholarship, but you will also being adding a little extra love to your donation through our matching donation program. All donations, no matter what the size, will be matched by a 25% "love tap" (matching donation), courtesy of an anonymous donor. Donations as small as the price of a box of chocolates are encouraged and those as big as the price of a new Lexus will be accepted!

During this season of romance, help spread the love, and support our scholarship program, by making a donation. All donation sizes are acceptable. In order to qualify for the 25% matching (every $1 donated will be worth $1.25), donations need to be completed by 11:59PM Valentine's Day 2010. The total aggregate match is not to exceed $100 (i.e. all donations will be matched until $600, including the match, is reached during the specified calendar period).

To make a donation, check out http://www.croomsalumni.com/donate

Numbers Show Crooms has 2nd Highest Graduation Rates in SCPS; One of the Highest in Central Florida and State

Recently released numbers from the state show Crooms AoIT has a graduation rate of 97% under the National Governors Association method of counting. Seminole County Public Schools has the highest graduate rate in the Central Florida area, with Crooms placing second among the SCPS high schools; only Hagerty had a higher graduation rate (97.4%) under the counting method. The numbers are a good sign for Crooms, as it shows that Crooms has the 2nd highest graduation rate in Central Florida, and also one of the highest in the state.

2009 Alumni College Teach-In Day

On December 17th, 2009, nine (9) of our Crooms Alumni made their way to Crooms to talk with current students about college preparation and the college experience.

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