Crooms AoIT Scores Big in FCAT Science

Florida's FCAT scores were released this week and Crooms AoIT proved its students have what it takes to be the best. For the second year in a row, Crooms AoIT had the highest FCAT science mean score in the Seminole County school district. This was not the only accomplishment for these rising seniors when it comes to FCAT. The mean score of 328 also proved to be the highest science score for all Metro Orlando (Orange, Lake, Seminole, and Osceola counties) high schools. That's right, Crooms AoIT had the highest science score in Metro Orlando!

For Consideration: Incorporating the Alumni Association

For four years we have been able to a scholarship through the generosity of alumni just like you; this past year we were able to hold our first alumni event, albeit relatively low-key; and, now, as we explore which direction we - as an collective alumni association - want grow, we are asking for your feedback on the idea of incorporating the Crooms AoIT Alumni Association. Incorporation is the act of forming a business entity for the purpose of conducting official business on behalf of various parties (in this case, alumni). Incorporation would mean the Crooms AoIT Alumni Association:
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Crooms AoIT Dividends Shine at SCPS Foundation Event

The Dividends Recognition Day Celebration was held on Thursday, May 27, 2010, at the Seminole County Public Schools Educational Support Center in Sanford. This event was sponsored by The Foundation for Seminole County Public Schools. The theme for the Dividend School Volunteer Program this year has been "Volunteers: Hands that Serve, Hearts that Care."

All 61 Seminole County Schools including Choices in Learning Charter School, are Golden School Award Recipients. Eight Seminole County Schools are also Silver School Award Recipients, including Crooms AOIT. Paola Castellon was also given one of the district's three Teen Trendsetter Excellence in Leadership Award.

Memorial Day Special: $6 Food Tickets for June 12th BBQ

Memorial Day Special, BBQ food tickets are now $6.00 until Monday at 11:59PM.

In celebration of the impending graduation of the 6th class of Crooms AoIT, we are running a discount on the Crooms AoIT BBQ food tickets. That's right, from now until the end of Memorial Day Weekend, you can buy a food ticket for only $6.00. Be sure you buy your ticket now! For more information about the food tickets and the BBQ check out:

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