Success at Business Professionals of America National Conference

Our Crooms AoIT Business Professionals of America team saw success at the National Conference this month. Some highlights include:

  • Mark B. placed 2nd in Digital Communications & Design Concepts
  • Mark B. placed in the top 10 in Digital Marketing Concepts
  • Ryan G. placed in the top 10 in Fundamental Spreadsheet Applications
  • Kyle B., Mark B., and Jessica A. placed in the top 10 in Web Design Team
  • Kyle B. and Alex Q. each received a BPA scholarship
  • Kyle B. won a BPA ambassador award
  • Kyle B. was elected to the National Officer Team as the BPA National Historian

Congratulations to our Crooms AoIT BPA team on all their success this year!

Crooms AoIT Alumni Association announces winners of two scholarships

The Crooms AoIT Alumni Association is proud to announce the winners of its two scholarships for the Class of 2019.

The Crooms AoIT Alumni Association Tech Innovation Scholarship worth $750 is being awarded to Alex Q. This year's field of Innovation Scholarship applicants was one of the strongest the Alumni Association has reviewed to date. The review committee was impressed by the quality of all of the applications. Alex's submission of "Particle Swarm Optimization of Machine Learning Ensembles" stood out for both being an example of emerging technologies of the 4th Industrial Revolution while also being elegant in the simplicity of its code base. Alex will be attending the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the fall to study computer science.

The Crooms AoIT Alumni Association/Crooms AoIT Business Advisory Council Community Scholarship worth $750 is being awarded to Shiloh F. This year again marked a crowded field of applications for the Community scholarship, with each applicant showing how volunteerism and community service is important to them. Shiloh has been particularly active in the Sanford Youth Council and its initiative to raise awareness about human trafficking. Shiloh will be attending Florida State University.

The Crooms AoIT Alumni Association would like to thank this year’s applicants for their hard work and efforts, and we wish all of you – and, all of the graduates from the Class of 2019 - the best of luck in your future endeavors!

Alumni Association Provides $500 Grant to BPA Club for National Competition

The Crooms AoIT Alumni Association today announced it is providing a $500 grant to the Crooms AoIT Business Professionals of America club. The grant will support the club's travel costs for national competition in May. This year's national competition is in Anaheim, California. At a cost of $1,200/student, it will cost over $25,000 this year to send the qualifying BPA team to national competition.

Class of 2006 graduate Micheal Morgan described supporting the BPA club's efforts as a "worthy cause" as he recalled his high school experiences with BPA national competition yet how financially difficult it can also be for some students to make the trip. Fellow Class of 2006 graduate, Frank C. Bracco, noted, "While our grant represents only a small portion of the club's costs, we do hope it makes a difference and encourages others to support BPA in the future."

The Crooms AoIT Alumni Association's grant is funded completely by member donations. The Alumni Association has set up a special PayPal donation page for those that wish to earmark funds to support the BPA club in their efforts. You can visit that page at:

Alumni Association Releases Two Scholarship Applications

Dear Crooms AoIT Class of 2019,

It is with pleasure that the Crooms AoIT Alumni Association, Inc. invites you to apply for our two scholarships, The Crooms AoIT Alumni Association Community Scholarship and the Tech Innovation Scholarship. As a way of congratulating you on making it this far in your educational career, we will be offering (1) $750 scholarship each for the Community Scholarship and the Tech Innovation Scholarship for graduating seniors. Our group would like to recognize those who have continually performed well academically while still carrying a passion for giving back to their community and school, and those who possess excellent technical abilities.

The deadline for application is March 29, 2019 by 11:59pm. The scholarship recipients will be notified before graduation. The scholarship applications are available at and includes instructions on how to electronically submit the scholarship. We look forward to answering any questions you might have and carefully reviewing all applications received. Remember, these are only open to graduating Crooms AoIT Seniors, so your chances of receiving the scholarship are quite high!

Congratulations again on making this far and good luck in your future endeavors!

-The Crooms AoIT Alumni Association, Inc. Board of Directors

Boys Baseball awarded $500 by Crooms AoIT Alumni Association

The Crooms AoIT Alumni Association is excited to announce that the athletic grant committee has awarded a $500 grant to the Crooms AoIT boys baseball team.

The boys baseball team will receive $500 to help support their program with field rentals and reservations. This spring marks only the second season of boys baseball at Crooms after a 50+ year hiatus. We encourage all Croomies to support our baseball team by attending one of this season's games; the schedule is available here:

The Alumni Association raises funds for the grant program through the use of private donations, which are separate from our membership dues. To keep the grant program viable, we ask that your team or program members and families become involved in the Alumni Association to ensure future students are able to receive similar support! This year, we would like to especially thank Class of 2006 graduate Julian Gordan for his gracious support of the Crooms AoIT Alumni athletics grant program.


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