SCPS' Estimated Budget Cut for Next Year More Than Doubles

Seminole County Public Schools' estimated revenue shortfall for the next fiscal year has more than doubled since July. According SCPS' Finance and Budget Executive Director John Pavelchak, the worst case scenario could amount to a $42 million budget shortfall for fiscal year 2012-2013. That is more than double the estimated $20 million figure tossed around this past summer. The increase is largely due to continued declines in property values and new and proposed tax cuts from Gov. Scott and the Legislature.

These estimated budget shortfalls are significant for SCPS. FY2012-2013 will be the sixth year of budget cuts for the school district. To put the $42 million in perspective, over the last three years the district has cut $91 million. The previous estimate of $20 million would have been significant, but a $42 million cut could be devastating to education in Seminole County given the reductions of the last five years.

It is unknown what type of impact this will have directly on Crooms AoIT, but if the budget cuts of the last five years are any indication, it will not be a good. What little funding that was available for clubs, sports, and personal fitness classes has dried up; capital improvement spending has been halted; technology upgrades are being delayed; and, faculty benefits are being reduced. These budget cuts do not only impact SCPS and Crooms AoIT, but also the wider Seminole County community due to the school district being the largest employer in the county.

While what we can each do individually is limited, together we can be influential. Here are several things YOU can do:

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