Crooms AoIT Alumni Association awards scholarships to three graduating seniors

The Crooms AoIT Alumni Association is proud to announce the winners of three scholarships being awarded by the Crooms AoIT Alumni Association to the Class of 2022.

The $1,000 Crooms AoIT Alumni Association Community Scholarship is being awarded to Logan G. The Community Scholarship is meant to honor a student not only for academic and extracurricular achievement, but also for dedication to community service. This year, through the multi-scholarship application process, we had 48 applicants, all with different strengths: high GPAs, involvement in school activities, and community involvement. But, Logan stuck out from this year's crowded pack of applicants for having all the above qualities.

New this year, the Alumni Association is also honored to announce that Mariam S. has been awarded a $500 scholarship in honor of Joyce Shiflett. This scholarship is funded through a generous donation from Class of 2011 alumni Samuel Shiflet and his wife. Samuel noted that:

"Crooms is an amazing school which jumpstarts young careers in technology. The administrators, teachers, curriculum, and culture are all uniquely positioned to enable students in today’s technology industry. I owe my personal career success to the foundational knowledge this school provided to me. This school is an amazing force multiplier for young people and I want to ensure that continues. Second, and on a more personal note, my grandmother, Joyce Shiflett, passed away late last year and I have been struggling ways to honor her. She was the essence of grace and kindness and one thing that always stuck out to me was how much she loved her animals, especially cats. While reading the scholarship applications, one student’s love for animals also stood out to me along with their passion for this wonderful school. Whether it was volunteering more than 100 hours at an animal shelter or her plans to study veterinary sciences, I couldn’t help but smile as I read through her application."

Last, but not least: The Alumni Association is also proud to announce the return of the Tech Innovation Scholarship after a one year hiatus. The Tech Innovation Scholarship recognizes a graduating senior who has used their technical acumen to create or contribute to a technological project or product. Students are asked to submit their best project for review. This year's recipient proved to be one of the most unique project submissions we have had in the eight years of the program. Our recipient demonstrated how graphic design, video game modding, and video editing can be merged together to support an online community of video game car enthusiasts. The Crooms AoIT Alumni Association is pleased to announced James G. as this year's winner of the $750 Tech Innovation Scholarship.

Congratulations, and best of luck to all our scholarship winners, our other applicants, and the Class of 2022 as a whole in your future endeavors. Go Panthers!

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