In Memoriam: Dr. Geoffry Alan Haines

It is with heavy hearts we announce the passing of Dr. Geoffry Alan Haines. Coach Haines served as the first athletics director at Crooms AoIT and was instrumental in establishing the athletics program at the school. The classes of 2005 and 2006 will remember Dr. Haines fondly.

During the establishment of Crooms AoIT, Coach Haines ensured resources were available to help establish the athletics program after the school was not initially envisioned to include organized sports. Coach Haines attended nearly every sporting event for Crooms AoIT in the early years. Croomies will remember him as a teacher, coach, athletics director, medical director, part-time announcer, part-time score board operator, part-time water boy, and every other position needed to support a burgeoning high school sports program.

After departing Crooms AoIT, Coach Haines went on to finish is PhD at the University of Southern Mississippi in educational leadership in 2007. He held several professorships at Delta State University, University of Southern Mississippi, and the University of Trinidad and Tobago before entering into semi-retirement.

In his spare time, Dr. Haines was a passionate fan of sports, regularly posting sports updates on social media - from hockey favorites like the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Solar Bears to major league updates from the NFL and NBA to college updates for basketball and gymnastics. No sport (or level of sport) was too niche for this consummate sports fan.

Dr. Haines will truly be missed and his contribution to Crooms AoIT looms large. The family is currently making private arrangements for his funeral.

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