Backend of Alumni Association website upgraded

The Crooms AoIT Alumni Association spent June and July 2021 carrying out some long overdue maintenance on the backend of These upgrades went live on July 20, 2021. While users are unlikely to notice much of a difference, these upgrades were critical to bringing the website onto a supported version of Drupal - our open-source content management system. As part of this process, we cleared out several unnecessary modules, re-activated several website features that had been de-activated (including user profiles, Founders Society profiles, and the calendar), and carried out various other back-end enhancements.

If you notice any challenges, please do use the "Contact Us" form to let us know so we can investigate. In the future, we will be looking to:

  • Add additional features for the user profiles to support a stronger alumni directory
  • Add a user map so alumni can visually see where other alumni are located
  • Refresh the website look and feel by rolling out a responsive theme

If you're interested in supporting, please e-mail us at

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