Alumni Albert Vinas (2005) announces new film project: Libertad

Libertad is a feature length drama about a family making a decision whether or not to risk everything they have to embark on a journey on a little makeshift boat headed towards a dream of American liberty.

Jose is part of a family living in Cuba. After his son Carlos was born, he began to accept the social economic disparity that surrounded him and his family until his brother Raul opened up an opportunity of a lifetime to make an outlandish decision to flee to the United States on a boat that he started building in his backyard. The quest for freedom brought their families together and their dream to live in the United States was slowly becoming a reality. However, Jose’s wife Yonaidys was having second thoughts about putting her son Carlos on a small boat destined for America. They had no clue of what struggles awaits them out at sea.

The money is for things such as set construction, camera rental, location permits among other things to get us through production phase which would start on December 1. A look at the budget top sheet can be viewed here,

You can find us at or on our facebook page at

The Fundraiser is located here:

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