Crooms AOIT Alumni Community Scholarship Pledge Drive...Coming Soon!

Well, it is nearly that time of the year again...that's right, it is nearly time to kick off our 2009 Crooms AOIT Alumni Community Scholarship Pledge Drive. For the past two years, we have been able to provide a scholarship to deserving graduating seniors because of your generosity and support! This year we will see some changes and a little more organization brought to the Pledge Drive, which will be discussed in the coming days.

As we enter our third year of offering this scholarship, it is only fitting that we take a look back and see how far our Crooms AOIT Community has come in the last eight short years. Since the inception of Crooms AOIT, our athletic and extracurricular activities have excelled in competition at both the state and national level; our alma mater has been continually recognized in both national and international publications for pushing the envelope to provide cutting-edge instruction both in and out of the classroom; and our fellow Croomies have continued to prove their technological savvy by demonstrating a need for an ever growing array of technology based classes. This year will also mark the success of our fifth graduating class from Crooms AOIT and will also be a time that many graduates of the first Crooms AOIT class will be finishing up with their undergraduate studies.

Today, our country celebrated a day where we saw a transition from the present to the future, a future that is filled with hope. It is this same hope that the Crooms AOIT Alumni Board of Directors looks to offer to our fellow rising graduates at Crooms AOIT. We hope that this is project that you can wholeheartedly support and will continue to support in the future. You can learn more about our mission by clicking the "Community", "Scholarship", and "About" links on the menu bar. Also, feel free to subscribe to the Crooms AOIT Alumni Planning Mailing List by filling out the form on the left side of this page. Finally, remember to keep tuned here for more information in the coming days and weeks on how you can help support positive endeavors at Crooms AOIT.

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