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Alumni Association Releases two Scholarships worth $2,250!

The Alumni Association released two scholarships this week, totaling $2,250. The scholarships are the Community Scholarship, and the Tech Innovation Scholarship. Crooms Seniors are eligible to apply if they have applied or been accepted to a College or University, and hold at least a 2.5GPA. More details are available HERE!

The scholarships are due the second week of April, and the winners will be announced before Graduation. Good luck!

December Drive for Success

It's time for the annual Crooms AoIT Alumni Association's December Drive to Success fundraiser for the scholarship

Help us support graduating seniors by donating to our scholarship fund! The Alumni Association will offer 2 scholarships this year, with a combined value of over $2000!

Crooms Athletics Department receives $250 Grant from the Crooms AoIT Alumni Association

The Crooms AoIT Alumni Association, Inc. is proud to announce that we have donated $250 to Crooms Academy of Information Technology’s Athletics Department. This grant comes from our previously established multi-year Grant program, and no general donor dollars were used. Our grants committee reviewed and selected the Athletics department's application from a pool of qualified applications. The grant will be used to support the sports teams and other areas of the athletic program through the purchase of a rolling cart used to transport water across fields and campus.

Alumni Meet-up: Lunch with Frank and Other Old Geezers

10/18/2014 12:30 pm
10/18/2014 2:00 pm

Frank Bracco, '06 is in town for the weekend and some of the Old Geezers will be having lunch on Saturday, Oct. 18th at 12:30PM at Willow Tree in Sanford. Stop by if you're bored.

Address: 205 E 1st St, Sanford, FL 32771

Call 407-456-2492 if you don't recognize anyone.

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