Alumni Shine at Seminole County Teach-In Day

On November 16th, schools across Seminole County welcomed community members in for the SCPS Annual Teach-In Day. Crooms AoIT was no different, and continued its tradition of welcoming business and technology leaders into the classrooms with open arms.

Yet, feedback back from this year's Tech-In Day participants indicate that three individuals 'stole the show': Crooms AoIT alumni Max DeBellas, Jeremy Fogg, and Angeline Gores. Congratulations to these three individuals for representing the alumni community and making Teach-In Day a memorable experience for all those involved.

Looking to get involved and make a difference like these three showstoppers? The Crooms AoIT Alumni Association has various ongoing programs for you to do so. First, create a user account on to get the latest updates; and stayed tuned for the upcoming Alumni Teach-In Day (sometime in December). Second, submit a "Where are they now?" entry, which only takes 5-10 minutes; to do so, check out: Third, be sure to support the Crooms AoIT Alumni Community Scholarship by donating at

Meet-up #2

11/27/2010 1:00 pm
11/27/2010 3:00 pm

This is just an informal get together to meet up with old friends that may be in town for Thanksgiving.

The Crooms AoIT Alumni Association is having a MeetUp at the Chili's in Lake Mary, FL. You can join us on Saturday, November 27th any time between 1:00PM and 3:00PM and enjoy some good food and excellent company.

Our group might be spread out all over the restaurant, so if you don't recognize anyone when you arrive, feel free to call (407) 456-2492.

Facebook Event:


What is a MeetUp?

Player Registration is Open for the Basketball Challenge

Hello Croomies,

Individual player and team registration for the Crooms AoIT Alumni Basketball Challenge is officially open and will close on December 5th (so get registered early). The event will be on Tuesday, December 21st at Crooms AoIT. Attendance is free for all Crooms AoIT Alumni, all current students, faculty/staff, the old Crooms Alumni, and Crooms Business Partners. The pre-gaming BBQ will start around 12:15PM (menu and pricing forthcoming) over near the cafeteria and the games will start sometime between 2:00PM and 2:30PM. More details on the event will be forthcoming, but we wanted to get the registration info out ASAP.

Individual player registration is $6.00 and team registration (a team of up to 7 players) is $35.00. If you have a team together, e-mail with 1) the name of the players, 2) the class year of the players, and 3) a team name. If you are an individual without a team, e-mail with your 1) name and 2) class and we will match you to a team. All funds raised go to the Crooms AoIT Alumni Community Scholarship. We will work out payment on an individual basis; both individuals and teams may qualify for discounts given a player’s donor status (see

Those that wish to attend, but not play, more details will be forthcoming! Also, just to get it on your radar, more information (in the form of a Facebook Event Invite) will be forthcoming about our November 27th Alumni MeetUp :-). In the meantime, we invite you to become a member of the Crooms AoIT Alumni Association and support the scholarship by visiting (sorry, for the overt "plug").

We look forward to seeing everyone at the MeetUp and Crooms AoIT Alumni Basketball Challenge – if you have any questions, please let us know.

Crooms AoIT “Where are they now?” Project

Crooms AoIT is starting a new project on campus entitled, "Where are they now?" The Project is looking to highlight the career successes of alumni as a way to promote academic success for current Croomies.

A bulletin board display is being created to highlight where all of our alumni are and what they are doing. Crooms wants to know where you are, where you work, your title, and other pertinent information. This information may go beyond the bulletin board and become part of the Crooms marketing material. The Alumni Association is also taking part in this project, and may display some of the profiles on our website or future newsletters. In order to take part please send the following information to

Name and Location
Role Title/Role
Job Description
Volunteer/Community Involvement/Professional Society Involvement
Educational Background
Any other misc. information you feel may be of value

We especially hope that those in the job market will take part in this project. This is a quick and easy way to give back to Crooms AoIT and help inspire others. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Alumni Albert Vinas (2005) announces new film project: Libertad

Libertad is a feature length drama about a family making a decision whether or not to risk everything they have to embark on a journey on a little makeshift boat headed towards a dream of American liberty.

Jose is part of a family living in Cuba. After his son Carlos was born, he began to accept the social economic disparity that surrounded him and his family until his brother Raul opened up an opportunity of a lifetime to make an outlandish decision to flee to the United States on a boat that he started building in his backyard. The quest for freedom brought their families together and their dream to live in the United States was slowly becoming a reality. However, Jose’s wife Yonaidys was having second thoughts about putting her son Carlos on a small boat destined for America. They had no clue of what struggles awaits them out at sea.

The money is for things such as set construction, camera rental, location permits among other things to get us through production phase which would start on December 1. A look at the budget top sheet can be viewed here,

You can find us at or on our facebook page at

The Fundraiser is located here:

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