Crooms Physical Education Department Receives $250 Grant from Crooms AoIT Alumni Association

This week the Crooms AoIT Alumni Association, Inc. is proud to announce that we are donating $250 to Crooms Academy of Information Technology’s Physical Education Department. The grant will be used to support the sports teams and other areas of the athletic program through the purchase of cones, flag belts, and other equipment. This money comes from a previously established multi-year grant and no membership funds are involved. If you would like to learn more about the donation, or would like to learn how you can support athletics at Crooms AoIT, please contact

Are You Interested in Becoming a Substitute Teacher at Crooms AOIT?

If you are interested in becoming a Substitute Teacher at Crooms AOIT please call Mrs. Blaine at (407)320-5755.

Outstanding SAT Data Results for Crooms AoIT

Crooms Academy of Information Technology is in the top 3 for high school performance among Seminole County Public High Schools:
#1 in Critical Reading (An increase of 8 points from the previous year)
#3 in Mathematics (An increase of 8 points from the previous year)
#3 in Writing (An increase of 3 points from the previous year)
#3 in Overall Total Combined Mean Scores

Crooms AoIT has higher SAT scores than the state and national averages! Way to go Croomies!

Ms. Juanita Williams is McDonald's Featured Teacher for Seminole County Public Schools

Ms. Juanita Williams is the Seminole County Public Schools Featured Teacher!

You may also view her Featured Teacher Video here.

Message from Ms. Williams:

Hello. I am Juanita Williams, and I am pleased to be the McDonald's Featured Teacher for Seminole County Public Schools. I teach English II Honors and Advanced Placement English Language and Composition at Crooms Academy of Information Technology, a nationally-ranked technology magnet high school here in Seminole County, Florida.

Florida has been my home since I was about six months old, so I am nearly a native Floridian. I have lived in the Orlando area since I was eight and all of my education happened locally. After attending Orlando public schools, the University of Central Florida granted me a Bachelors degree in Applied Sociology in 1989 and a Masters degree in Secondary Language Arts Education in 2006.

I came to teaching after a twenty-plus year career in the insurance and information technology industries. I went back to school at age 40 to train in a new career field and started teaching during the 2005-2006 school year. I have always been a voracious reader, and it was my love of literature that brought me to the teaching profession. My love of writing was really developed by my participation in the National Writing Project in 2007. The idea of the project is that teachers who are writers will be better at teaching writing. I use things I learned from the research-based principles of the National Writing Project every day in my classroom. Some of my core teaching principles are that every student can excel, writers write, project-based learning stretches our brains and gives an accurate snapshot of student learning, and we all need to constantly learn throughout our entire lives.

My school honored me during my first year of teaching by awarding me the Crooms Academy Rookie Teacher of the Year recognition in 2006 and further honored me as Teacher of the Year in 2009. My colleagues continued to invest in my future through training and through the guidance of such hard-working and talented administrators as Dr. Connie Collins and Dr. Mickey Reynolds. I cannot say enough about these women who molded me in my early days of teaching. They are amazing!

I am currently the sponsor for the Reynolds Right Hands, a group of empowered students who work diligently for student safety by advocating against distracted driving, and the Crooms Writer's Guild, an after-school writers group where we write, share our writing, and flex our writing muscles. Daily interaction with students is the very best part of this job that I love.

Education improves your life. Teaching improves my life. Thank you for the honor of being the McDonald's Featured Teacher.

Crooms Family Day Dinner

09/23/2013 6:30 pm

This year, Crooms Academy of Information Technology is hosting their 1st Family Day Dinner as part of a national movement to celebrate parental engagement as an effective tool to help keep America's kids substance free. We are also trying to encourage our families to stay connected to the school and provide tips for how to support their children at home.

The event will be held on Monday, September 23rd at 6:30PM in the cafeteria and the alumni are invited to attend. It is free and our Steel Monkeys and chorus will provide entertainment. If anyone wishes to attend, they should RSVP to demetria_hayes [at] scps[dot]k12[dot]fl[dot]us .

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